Nevada Wills and Estates of Deceased Persons

Sec. § 150.240
Order of court for payment of debts; treatment of classes of creditors; discharge of personal representative upon compliance with order if property of estate exhausted.


Upon the settlement of any account of the personal representative after the time to file claims has expired, the court shall order the payment of the debts as the circumstances of the estate permit. If there is not sufficient money to pay all of the debts, the order must specify the sum to be paid to each creditor.


No creditor of any one class may receive any payment until all those of a preferred class are fully paid, and if the estate is insufficient to pay all debts of any one class, each creditor of that class must be paid a dividend in proportion to that creditor’s claim.


If the property of the estate is exhausted by the payment ordered, the account constitutes a final account, and the personal representative is entitled to his or her discharge upon filing the necessary proof showing that he or she has complied with the order.

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