Nevada Wills and Estates of Deceased Persons

Sec. § 150.225
Payments to be made according to will; sources of payment if provision or property of will insufficient.


If a testator makes provision by will, or designates property to be appropriated, for the payment of debts, the expenses of administration or family allowances, they must be paid according to that provision or out of the property thus appropriated, to the extent that the provision or property is sufficient.


To the extent the provision or property is insufficient, any portion of the estate not disposed of by the will must be appropriated for that purpose. To the extent that is not sufficient, the property given to residuary devisees, and thereafter all other property devised, is liable for those obligations in proportion to the value or amount of the respective devises, but specific devises are exempt from that liability if exemption appears to the court necessary to carry out the intent of the testator and there is other sufficient property.

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