Nevada Wills and Estates of Deceased Persons

Sec. § 142.080
Petition for additional security; court may require additional security; petition for increase in bond.


If an interested person discovers that the sureties of a personal representative have become or are becoming insolvent, or that any one of them has removed from, or is about to remove from the State, or that from any other cause the bond is insufficient, the interested person may file a petition with the court requesting that further security be given.


If it comes to the knowledge of the court that the bond is for any cause insufficient, it may, on its own motion, without any petition, require further security.


A personal representative or the counsel of the personal representative, if either becomes aware of facts causing a need therefor, shall petition the court for an order ex parte increasing a bond to the total appraised value of personal property on hand plus 1 year’s estimated income from real and personal property. In an accounting, if a bond has been posted, a separate paragraph must be included describing the total bond posted, the appraised value of personal property on hand plus the estimated annual income from real and personal property and a statement of any additional bond thereby required.

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