Nevada Wills and Estates of Deceased Persons

Sec. § 142.050
Hearing to determine accuracy of justification of surety; additional security.


Before a court approves any bond required under this chapter, it may, on its own motion, or at any time after the approval of a bond upon petition of an interested person, supported by affidavit that any one or all of the sureties is or are not worth as much as justified to, order a citation to issue, requiring the surety or sureties to appear before the court at a particular time and place to testify relating to the property and its value. The court shall, at the time the citation is issued, cause a notice or subpoena to issue to the personal representative requiring the appearance of the personal representative at the return of the citation.


Upon the return of the citation, the court shall question the surety and such witnesses as may be produced concerning the property of the surety or sureties and its value. If, upon such investigation, the court is satisfied that the bond is insufficient, it may require sufficient additional security within such time as it may set.

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