Nevada Property Rights and Transactions

Sec. § 118B.026
Investigations; remedies.


The Administrator may, upon receiving a complaint alleging a violation of this chapter or any regulation adopted pursuant thereto, investigate the alleged violation. The Administrator or his or her representative shall, upon request, furnish identification during an investigation. Except as otherwise provided in NRS 239.0115, any information obtained by the Administrator or his or her representative in the investigation of a complaint, including the name of the complainant, is confidential and must not be disclosed unless so ordered by the Administrator or a court of competent jurisdiction.


If the Administrator finds a violation of the provisions of this chapter or of any regulation adopted pursuant thereto, the Administrator may issue a notice of violation to the person who the Administrator alleges has violated the provision. The notice of violation must set forth the violation which the Administrator alleges with particularity and specify the corrective action which is to be taken and the time within which the action must be taken.


If the person to whom a notice of violation is directed fails to take the corrective action required, the Administrator may:


Extend the time for corrective action;


Request the district attorney of the county in which the violation is alleged to have occurred to prepare a complaint and procure the issuance of a summons to the person for the violation; or


Apply to the district court for the judicial district in which the violation is alleged to have occurred for an injunction and any other relief which the court may grant to compel compliance. In an action brought pursuant to this section, the court may award costs and reasonable attorney’s fees to the prevailing party.
Ê The Administrator may, in addition to or in lieu of any action authorized by paragraph (a), (b) or (c), impose a fine pursuant to NRS 118B.251.


Any person who violates a provision of this chapter, or a regulation adopted pursuant thereto, shall pay for the cost incurred by the Division in enforcing the provision.

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