Nevada Property Rights and Transactions

Sec. § 116.345
Association of planned community prohibited from taking certain actions regarding property, buildings and structures within planned community; validity of existing restrictions.


An association of a planned community may not restrict, prohibit or otherwise impede the lawful residential use of any property that is within or encompassed by the boundaries of the planned community and that is not designated as part of the planned community.


Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, an association may not restrict the access of a person to any of his or her property. An association may restrict access to and from a unit within a planned community if the right to restrict such access was included in the declaration or in a separate recorded instrument at the time that the owner of the unit acquired title to the unit. The provisions of this subsection do not prohibit an association from charging the owner of the property a reasonable and nondiscriminatory fee to operate or maintain a gate or other similar device designed to control access to the planned community that would otherwise impede ingress or egress to the property.


An association may not expand, construct or situate a building or structure that is not part of any plat of the planned community if the expansion, construction or situation of the building or structure was not previously disclosed to the units’ owners of the planned community unless the association obtains the written consent of a majority of the units’ owners and residents of the planned community who own property or reside within 500 feet of the proposed location of the building or structure.


An association may not interrupt any utility service furnished to a unit’s owner or a tenant of a unit’s owner except for the nonpayment of utility charges when due. The interruption of any utility service pursuant to this subsection must be performed in a manner which is consistent with all laws, regulations and governing documents relating to the interruption of any utility service. An association shall in every case send a written notice of its intent to interrupt any utility service to the unit’s owner or the tenant of the unit’s owner at least 10 days before the association interrupts any utility service.


The provisions of this section do not abrogate any easement, restrictive covenant, decision of a court, agreement of a party or any contract, governing document or declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions, or any other decision, rule or regulation that a local governing body or other entity that makes decisions concerning land use or planning is authorized to make or enact that exists before October 1, 1999, including, without limitation, a zoning ordinance, permit or approval process or any other requirement of a local government or other entity that makes decisions concerning land use or planning.

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