Nevada Civil Practice
Sec. § 11.202
Actions for damages for injury or wrongful death caused by deficiency in construction of improvements to real property.


No action may be commenced against the owner, occupier or any person performing or furnishing the design, planning, supervision or observation of construction, or the construction of an improvement to real property more than 6 years after the substantial completion of such an improvement, for the recovery of damages for:


Any deficiency in the design, planning, supervision or observation of construction or the construction of such an improvement;


Injury to real or personal property caused by any such deficiency; or


Injury to or the wrongful death of a person caused by any such deficiency.


The provisions of this section do not apply:


To a claim for indemnity or contribution.


In an action brought against:


The owner or keeper of any hotel, inn, motel, motor court, boardinghouse or lodging house in this State on account of his or her liability as an innkeeper.


Any person on account of a defect in a product.
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