Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 11.120
What constitutes adverse possession under written instrument or judgment.

For the purpose of constituting adverse possession by any person claiming a title, founded upon a written instrument or judgment or decree, land shall be deemed to have been possessed and occupied in the following cases:


Where it has been usually cultivated or improved.


Where it has been protected by a substantial enclosure.


Where, though not enclosed, it has been used for the supply of fuel, or of fencing timber, for the purpose of husbandry; or for the use of pasturage, or for ordinary uses of the occupant.


Where a known farm or single lot has been partly improved, the portion of such farm or lot that may have been left not cleared, or not enclosed according to the usual course and custom of the adjoining country, shall be deemed to have been occupied for the same length of time as the part improved and cultivated.

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