Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 11.060
Action for recovery of mining claims: Occupation and possession; other applicable provisions.


No action for the recovery of mining claims, or for the recovery of the possession thereof, shall be maintained, unless it appears that the plaintiff, or those through or from whom the plaintiff claims, were seized or possessed of such mining claim, or were the owners thereof, according to the laws and customs of the district embracing the same, within 2 years before the commencement of such action.


Occupation and adverse possession of a mining claim shall consist in holding and working the same, in the usual and customary mode of holding and working similar claims in the vicinity thereof.


All of the provisions of this chapter which apply to other real estate, so far as applicable, shall be deemed to include and apply to mining claims; provided,


That in such application “2 years” shall be held to be the period intended whenever the term “5 years” is used; and


That when the terms “legal title” or “title” are used, they shall be held to include title acquired by location or occupation, according to the usages, laws and customs of the district embracing the claim.

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