Nevada Security Instruments of Public Utilities; Mortgages; Deeds of Trust; Other Liens
Sec. § 107.300
Penalty for failure to deliver statement; bar to recovery of certain damages.


A beneficiary who willfully fails to deliver a statement requested pursuant to NRS 107.200 or 107.210 within 21 days after it is requested is liable to the person who requested the statement in an amount of $300 and any actual damages suffered by the person who requested the statement.


A judgment awarded to a person who requested a statement pursuant to NRS 107.200 or 107.210 for failure to deliver a statement bars recovery of damages for any other failure to deliver that statement pursuant to a demand made within 6 months before or after the demand for which the judgment was awarded.


As used in this section, willfully means an intentional failure to comply with the requirements of NRS 107.200 or 107.210 without just cause.
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