Nevada Security Instruments of Public Utilities; Mortgages; Deeds of Trust; Other Liens
Sec. § 107.200
Contents of statement regarding debt secured by deed of trust.

Except as otherwise provided in NRS 107.230, the beneficiary of a deed of trust secured on or after October 1, 1995, shall, within 21 days after receiving a request from a person authorized to make such a request pursuant to NRS 107.220, cause to be mailed, postage prepaid, or sent by facsimile machine to that person a statement regarding the debt secured by the deed of trust. The statement must include:


The amount of the unpaid balance of the debt secured by the deed of trust, the rate of interest on the unpaid balance and the total amount of principal and interest which is due and has not been paid.


The amount of the periodic payments, if any, required under the note.


The date the payment of the debt is due.


The period for which real estate taxes and special assessments have been paid, if that information is known to the beneficiary.


The amount of property insurance covering the real property and the term and premium of that insurance, if that information is known to the beneficiary.


The amount in an account, if any, maintained for the accumulation of money for the payment of taxes and insurance premiums.


The amount of any additional charges, costs or expenses paid or incurred by the beneficiary which is a lien on the real property described in the deed of trust.


Whether the debt secured by the deed of trust may be transferred to a person other than the grantor.
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