Nevada Commercial Instruments and Transactions

Sec. § 100.010
Assignment for creditors.


Subject to the provisions of subsection 2, in all assignments of property, whether real or personal, which shall hereafter be made by any person or chartered company or corporation, or by any person or persons, owning or leasing real or personal property, to trustees or assignees on account of inability at the time of the assignment to pay his, her or their debts, the wages of the miners, mechanics, salespersons, servants, clerks or laborers, employed by such person or persons, chartered company or corporation shall be held and deemed preferred claims, and paid by such trustees or assignees before any other creditor or creditors of the assignor, including the State as a creditor for amounts due under the provisions of chapter 372 of NRS.


The claims of each miner, mechanic, salesperson, servant, clerk or laborer thus preferred, shall not exceed in value $600, and the services shall have been rendered or labor performed within 90 days next preceding the assignment.

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