Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 1.360

Under the direction of the Supreme Court, the Court Administrator shall:


Examine the administrative procedures employed in the offices of the judges, clerks, court reporters and employees of all courts of this State and make recommendations, through the Chief Justice, for the improvement of those procedures;


Examine the condition of the dockets of the courts and determine the need for assistance by any court;


Make recommendations to and carry out the directions of the Chief Justice relating to the assignment of district judges where district courts are in need of assistance;


Develop a uniform system for collecting and compiling statistics and other data regarding the operation of the State Court System and transmit that information to the Supreme Court so that proper action may be taken in respect thereto;


Prepare and submit a budget of state appropriations necessary for the maintenance and operation of the State Court System and make recommendations in respect thereto;


Develop procedures for accounting, internal auditing, procurement and disbursement for the State Court System;


Collect statistical and other data and make reports relating to the expenditure of all public money for the maintenance and operation of the State Court System and the offices connected therewith;


Compile statistics from the information required to be maintained by the clerks of the district courts pursuant to NRS 3.275 regarding criminal and civil cases and make reports as to the cases filed in the district courts;


Formulate and submit to the Supreme Court recommendations of policies or proposed legislation for the improvement of the State Court System;


On or before January 1 of each year, submit to the Director of the Legislative Counsel Bureau a written report:


Compiling the information submitted to the Court Administrator pursuant to NRS 3.243, 4.175 and 5.045 during the immediately preceding fiscal year; and




The distribution of money deposited in the special account created by NRS 176.0613 to assist with funding and establishing specialty court programs;


The current status of any specialty court programs to which money from the account was allocated since the last report;


Statistics compiled from information required to be maintained by clerks of the district courts pursuant to NRS 3.275 concerning specialty courts, including, without limitation, the number of participants in such programs, the nature of the criminal charges that were filed against participants, the number of participants who have completed the programs and the disposition of the cases; and


Such other related information as the Court Administrator deems appropriate; and


Attend to such other matters as may be assigned by the Supreme Court or prescribed by law.

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