Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 1.130
Nonjudicial days; transaction of judicial business.


No court except a justice court or a municipal court shall be opened nor shall any judicial business be transacted except by a justice court or municipal court on Sunday, or on any day declared to be a legal holiday according to the provisions of NRS 236.015, except for the following purposes:


To give, upon their request, instructions to a jury then deliberating on their verdict.


To receive a verdict or discharge a jury.


For the exercise of the power of a magistrate in a criminal action or in a proceeding of a criminal nature.


To receive communications by telephone and for the issuance of a temporary order pursuant to subsection 8 of NRS 33.020.


For the issue of a writ of attachment, which may be issued on each and all of the days above enumerated upon the plaintiff, or some person on behalf of the plaintiff, setting forth in the affidavit required by law for obtaining the writ the additional averment as follows:
[Text not available]
That the affiant has good reason to believe, and does believe, that it will be too late for the purpose of acquiring a lien by the writ to wait until subsequent day for the issuance of the same.
[Text not available]
All proceedings instituted, and all writs issued, and all official acts done on any of the days above specified, under and by virtue of this section, shall have all the validity, force and effect of proceedings commenced on other days, whether a lien be obtained or a levy made under and by virtue of the writ.


Nothing herein contained shall affect private transactions of any nature whatsoever.

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