NRS 97B.120
Consumer form contracts: Prohibition on the inclusion of certain provisions.

A consumer form contract must not contain:


A provision that the consumer will hold the other party harmless, or that otherwise relieves the other party of liability, for any harm or damage caused to the consumer arising from the consumer form contract.


A confession of judgment clause.


A waiver of the right to a jury trial, unless the consumer agrees to an alternative dispute resolution such as binding arbitration, in any action brought by or against the consumer.


Any assignment of or order for payment of wages or other compensation for services.


A provision in which the consumer agrees not to assert any claim or defense arising out of the consumer form contract or to seek any remedies pursuant to any consumer protection law.


A waiver of any provision of this chapter or any other consumer protection statute. Any such waiver shall be deemed null, void and of no effect.


A provision requiring or having the practical effect of requiring that any aspect of a resolution of a dispute between the parties to the agreement be kept confidential. This subsection does not affect the right of the parties to agree that certain specified information is a trade secret or otherwise confidential or to later agree, after the dispute arises, to keep a resolution confidential.

Source: Section 97B.120 — Consumer form contracts: Prohibition on the inclusion of certain provisions., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-97B.­html#NRS97BSec120.

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