Nevada Business Associations; Securities; Commodities

Sec. § 77.340
Change of registered agent by entity.


A represented entity may change the information currently on file pursuant to NRS 77.310 by filing with the Secretary of State a statement of change signed on behalf of the entity which states:


The name of the entity; and


The information that is to be in effect as a result of the filing of the statement of change.


The interest holders or governors of a domestic entity need not approve the filing of:


A statement of change under this section; or


A similar filing changing the registered agent or registered office of the entity in any other jurisdiction.


If a filing made pursuant to subsection 1 results in a change of the registered agent of the represented entity, the filing must include the information required pursuant to NRS 77.310.


A statement of change filed under this section takes effect on filing.


Instead of using the procedures in this section, a represented entity may change the information currently on file under NRS 77.310 by amending its most recent registered agent filing in the manner provided by the laws of this State other than this chapter for amending that filing.

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