NRS 709.130
Specifications of plant, poles and wires

  • maintenance and repair of equipment
  • location of poles, wires and other appurtenances
  • exclusive franchise prohibited.


Every person, company, corporation or association receiving a franchise pursuant to the provisions of NRS 709.050 to 709.170, inclusive, shall:


Provide a plant with all necessary appurtenances of approved construction for the full performance of the franchise duties, rights and obligations, and for the needs, comfort and convenience of the inhabitants of the various unincorporated towns and cities, county or place to which the franchise relates.


Keep the plants and appurtenances, including all tracks, cars, poles, wires, pipes, mains and other attachments, in good repair, so as not to interfere with the passage of persons or vehicles, or the safety of persons or property.


Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, the board of county commissioners may when granting such franchise, fix and direct the location of all tracks, poles, wires, mains, pipes and other appurtenances upon the public streets, alleys, avenues and highways as best to serve the convenience of the public. The board may change the location of any appurtenances and permit, upon proper showing, all necessary extensions thereof when the interest or convenience of the public requires. The board shall not require a company that provides telecommunication service or interactive computer service to place its facilities in ducts or conduits or on poles owned or leased by the county.


All poles, except poles from which trolley wires are suspended for streetcar lines, from which wires are suspended for electric railroads, power, light or heating purposes within the boundaries of unincorporated towns and over public highways must not be less than 30 feet in height, and the wires strung thereon must not be less than 25 feet above the ground.


Every person, company, association or corporation operating a telephone, electric light, heat or power line, or any electric railway line, shall, with due diligence, provide itself, at its own expense, a competent electrician to cut, repair and replace wires in all cases where cutting or repairing or replacing is made necessary by the removal of buildings or other property through the public streets or highways.


No person, company, corporation or association may receive an exclusive franchise nor may any board of county commissioners grant a franchise in such manner or under such terms or conditions as to hinder or obstruct the granting of franchises to other grantees, or in such manner as to obstruct or impede reasonable competition in any business or public service to which NRS 709.050 to 709.170, inclusive, apply.

Source: Section 709.130 — Specifications of plant, poles and wires; maintenance and repair of equipment; location of poles, wires and other appurtenances; exclusive franchise prohibited., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-709.­html#NRS709Sec130.

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