NRS 704.999
Restoration of service: Conditions

  • tariffs.


A customer of natural gas within the service territory of a public utility that supplies natural gas who obtains his or her own supply of natural gas or capacity on a pipeline from a person other than the public utility for at least 30 continuous days may seek restoration of service from the public utility in accordance with the tariffs filed pursuant to this section.


A public utility that supplies natural gas shall file a tariff with the Commission that states the terms and conditions under which a customer may restore his or her gas service from the public utility pursuant to this section. The tariff must be reviewed by the Commission and must include, without limitation:


A procedure for re-establishing the gas service;


Methods of accounting to be used for identifying and billing actual costs incurred by the public utility for:


Re-establishing service;


Obtaining new supplies of gas for the customers; and


Acquiring and maintaining the necessary capacity for transporting the supplies of gas, if applicable;


Methodology for determining the costs of administration and overhead costs;


Methods of accounting to determine any incremental costs incurred by the public utility to serve the customer or group of customers;


Procedures for curtailment to be used in establishing priorities of service;


Procedures that will be available to customers to resolve disputes in billing; and


The minimum period during which the customer must take the resumed service.


For the purposes of this section, a public utility may charge its actual cost of obtaining any additional supply of gas to serve the returning customers. The Commission shall verify the compliance of a public utility with its tariff filed pursuant to this section.
Renewable Natural Gas Activities

Source: Section 704.999 — Restoration of service: Conditions; tariffs., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-704.­html#NRS704Sec999.

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