NRS 704.020
“Public utility” or “utility” defined.


“Public utility” or “utility” includes:


Any person who owns, operates, manages or controls any railroad or part of a railroad as a common carrier in this State, or cars or other equipment used thereon, or bridges, terminals, or sidetracks, or any docks or wharves or storage elevators used in connection therewith, whether or not they are owned by the railroad.


Any person, other than a provider of commercial mobile radio service, that provides a telecommunication service to the public, but only with regard to those operations which consist of providing a telecommunication service to the public.


Any provider of commercial mobile radio service, but such providers:


Must be regulated in a manner consistent with federal law; and


Must not be regulated as telecommunication providers for the purposes of this chapter.


“Public utility” or “utility” also includes:


Any plant or equipment, or any part of a plant or equipment, within this State for the production, delivery or furnishing for or to other persons, including private or municipal corporations, heat, gas, coal slurry, light, power in any form or by any agency, water for business, manufacturing, agricultural or household use, or sewerage service, whether or not within the limits of municipalities.


Any system for the distribution of liquefied petroleum gas to 10 or more users.
Ê The Commission may supervise, regulate and control all such utilities, subject to the provisions of this chapter and to the exclusion of the jurisdiction, regulation and control of such utilities by any municipality, town or village, unless otherwise provided by law.


The provisions of this chapter and the term “public utility” apply to all railroads, express companies, car companies and all associations of persons, whether or not incorporated, that do any business as a common carrier upon or over any line of railroad within this State.

Source: Section 704.020 — “Public utility” or “utility” defined., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-704.­html#NRS704Sec020.

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