NRS 701B.590
Regulations: Establishment of capacity goals and incentives

  • continued payment of incentives.


The Commission shall adopt regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of the Wind Energy Systems Demonstration Program Act, including, without limitation, regulations that establish:


The capacity goals for the Program.


A system of incentives that are based on rebates that decline as the installed cost of wind energy systems declines and as variables, including, without limitation, system size, installation costs, market conditions and access to federal, state and other financial incentives, may require. The system of incentives must provide:


Incentives for wind energy systems with a nameplate capacity of not more than 500 kilowatts;


That the amount of the incentive for a participant must be paid over time and be based on the performance of the wind energy system and the amount of electricity generated by the wind energy system; and


For a contract to be entered into between a participant and a utility, which must include, without limitation, provisions specifying:
(I) The amount of the incentive the participant will receive from the utility;
(II) The period in which the participant will receive an incentive from the utility, which must not exceed 5 years;
(III) That the payments of an incentive to the participant must be made not more frequently than quarterly; and
(IV) That a utility is not required to issue any new incentive on or after January 1, 2021, or make an incentive payment after December 31, 2025.


Reporting requirements for each utility that participates in the Program, which must include, without limitation, periodic reports of the average installed cost of the wind energy system, the cost to the utility of carrying out the Program and the effect of the Program on the rates paid by customers of the utility.


The procedure for claiming incentives, including, without limitation, the form and content of the incentive claim form.


The period for accepting applications, which must include a period during which a utility must accept additional applications if a previously approved applicant fails to install and energize a wind energy system within the time allowed by NRS 701B.615.


The total incentive paid to a participant in the Program, which must not exceed 50 percent of the total installed cost of the wind energy system of the participant.


A requirement that an authorized representative of any public entity participating in the Program, including participation through a third-party ownership structure, must provide the identifying number described in NRS 338.013 for such project and certify in the application and upon final completion of the wind energy system that the public entity has complied with all applicable requirements of this chapter and chapter 338 of NRS.


A process pursuant to which the utility shall transmit to the Commission for inclusion in the public records of the Commission a copy of any application by a public entity or any related material requested by the Commission which includes any redacted personal identifying information of a customer.


A contract that is executed between a utility and a participant on or before December 31, 2021, providing for the payment to the participant of an incentive pursuant to subparagraph (2) of paragraph (b) of subsection 1 may provide for the continued payment of such an incentive after December 31, 2021, subject to the limitations prescribed by NRS 701B.005 and in accordance with regulations adopted by the Commission.

Source: Section 701B.590 — Regulations: Establishment of capacity goals and incentives; continued payment of incentives., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-701B.­html#NRS701BSec590.

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