Nevada Justice Courts and Civil Procedure Therein
Sec. § 70.020

The execution must:


Be directed to a sheriff of any county in the State or to a constable of the county in which the justice court is located.


Be issued in the name of the State of Nevada, sealed with the seal of the court and subscribed by a justice or the clerk of the justice court, under the direction and supervision of a justice.


Intelligibly refer to the judgment, by stating the:


Justice court in which the judgment was entered;


Date when the judgment was entered;


Names of the parties;


Name of the justice who entered the judgment; and


County and the township or city where the judgment was entered.


State the judgment, and if it is for money, the amount thereof, and the amount actually due thereon.


Contain, in like cases, similar directions to the sheriff or constable, as are required by the provisions of chapter 21 of NRS, in an execution to the sheriff.
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