NRS 695B.180
Required provisions.

A contract for hospital, medical or dental services must not be entered into between a corporation proposing to furnish or provide any one or more of the services authorized under this chapter and a subscriber:


Unless the entire consideration therefor is expressed in the contract.


Unless the times at which the benefits or services to the subscriber take effect and terminate are stated in a portion of the contract above the evidence of its execution.


If the contract purports to entitle more than one person to benefits or services, except for family contracts issued under NRS 695B.190, group contracts issued under NRS 695B.200, and blanket contracts issued under NRS 695B.220.


Unless every printed portion and any endorsement or attached papers are plainly printed in type of which the face is not smaller than 10 points.


Except for group contracts and blanket contracts issued under NRS 695B.220, unless the exceptions of the contract are printed with greater prominence than the benefits to which they apply.


Except for group contracts and blanket contracts issued under NRS 695B.230, unless, if any portion of the contract purports, by reason of the circumstances under which an illness, injury or disablement is incurred to reduce any service to less than that provided for the same illness, injury or disablement incurred under ordinary circumstances, that portion is printed in boldface type and with greater prominence than any other text of the contract.


If the contract contains any provisions purporting to make any portion of the charter, constitution or bylaws of a nonprofit corporation a part of the contract unless that portion is set forth in full in the contract.


Unless the contract provides benefits for expenses incurred for hospice care.


Unless the contract for service in a hospital contains in blackface type, not less than 10 points, the following provisions:
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This contract does not restrict or interfere with the right of any person entitled to service and care in a hospital to select the contracting hospital or to make a free choice of an attending physician, who must be the holder of a valid and unrevoked physician’s license and a member of, or acceptable to, the attending staff and board of directors of the hospital in which the services are to be provided.
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Source: Section 695B.180 — Required provisions., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-695B.­html#NRS695BSec180.

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