NRS 695B.130
Certificate of authority: Application

  • issuance.


An application for a certificate of authority must be filed with the Commissioner in writing by the corporation for medical service which is applying for the certificate on forms furnished or accepted by the Commissioner. The application must set forth such information concerning the applicant and its qualifications and in other respects as the Commissioner may reasonably require.


The application must be accompanied by:


A copy of the applicant’s charter or articles of incorporation, certified by the public officer with whom the original is required to be filed in its state of domicile;


A copy of the applicant’s bylaws, certified by the corporate secretary;


A copy of each contract the applicant has made or proposed to make with hospitals, or physicians or dentists in this state;


A copy of each service contract proposed to be issued to its subscribers in this state;


The schedule of the rates, dues, fees or other periodical charges proposed to be charged for such service contracts; and


All applicable fees for an initial application and the issuance of a certificate of authority.


If upon completion of the application the Commissioner determines that the applicant is fully qualified and entitled to a certificate of authority under this chapter, the Commissioner shall promptly issue a certificate of authority to the applicant. If the Commissioner refuses to issue the certificate of authority, the Commissioner shall give the applicant written notice of the refusal setting forth the grounds therefor.

Source: Section 695B.130 — Certificate of authority: Application; issuance., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-695B.­html#NRS695BSec130.

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