Nevada Insurance

Sec. § 690B.100

As used in NRS 690B.100 to 690B.180, inclusive, unless the context otherwise requires:


“Home” means a structure used primarily for residential purposes and includes, without limitation:


A single-family dwelling;


A unit in a multiple-family structure;


A mobile home; and


The common elements of a common-interest community, as defined in NRS 116.017, and any appurtenance to the common elements.


“Insurance for home protection” means a contract of insurance, which affords coverage over a specified term for a predetermined fee, under which a person, other than the manufacturer, builder, seller or lessor of the home, agrees to repair, replace or indemnify from the cost of repair or replacement based upon the failure of any structure, component, system or appliance of the home. The term does not include:


A contract which insures against any consequential losses caused by the defects or failures.


An annual home service agreement on household appliances, systems and components if the agreement principally provides for service, repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear or inherent defect. Such agreements may include provisions for incidental indemnity or for service or repair of roof leaks.

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