Nevada Justice Courts and Civil Procedure Therein
Sec. § 69.010
Security for costs.


The justice may in all cases require a deposit of money to cover costs of court before issuing the summons.


When the plaintiff in an action is a nonresident of the State of Nevada, or a foreign corporation, upon motion of the opposite party at any time before final judgment such nonresident shall be required to give security for all costs and charges that may be awarded against the nonresident plaintiff. When such security shall be required from a nonresident plaintiff all proceedings in the action shall be stayed until an undertaking executed by two or more persons and approved by the justice shall be filed with the justice to the effect that they will pay such costs and charges as may be awarded against such nonresident plaintiff by judgment or during the progress of the action. The undertaking shall be in a sum not less than $100, or in lieu of the undertaking the nonresident plaintiff may deposit $100 in lawful money with the justice, which shall be held subject to the conditions mentioned in this section for the undertaking. When such security shall be ordered from a nonresident plaintiff, it shall be furnished within 30 days from notice of the order, or upon failure to furnish such security, judgment shall be entered for the defendant.


A new or additional undertaking or deposit of cash may be ordered by the justice at any time upon proof that the original undertaking or deposit is insufficient and proceedings stayed for a nonresident plaintiff until the same be furnished or judgment entered. After the lapse of 30 days from notice to a nonresident plaintiff that security has been ordered as required by this subsection and upon proof that no such undertaking or deposit of cash has been made, the justice shall enter judgment against such plaintiff.
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