NRS 689B.540
Manner and period for enrollment of dependent of covered employee

  • period of special enrollment.


A carrier that offers group health insurance which makes coverage available to the dependent of an employee covered by the group health plan shall permit the employee to enroll a dependent after the close of a period of open enrollment if:


The employee is a participant in the group health plan, or has met any waiting period applicable to becoming a participant and is eligible to be enrolled under the plan, except for a failure to enroll during a previous period of open enrollment; and


The person to be enrolled became a dependent of the employee through marriage, birth, adoption or placement for adoption.


The group health plan or carrier shall provide a period of special enrollment for the enrollment of a dependent of an employee pursuant to this section. Such a period must be not less than 30 days and must begin on:


The date specified by the group health plan or carrier for the period of special enrollment; or


The date of the marriage, birth, adoption or placement for adoption, as appropriate.


If an employee seeks to enroll a dependent during the first 30 days of the period for special enrollment provided pursuant to subsection 2, the coverage of the dependent becomes effective:


In the case of a marriage, not later than the first day of the first month beginning after the date on which the completed request for enrollment is received;


In the case of a birth, on the date of the birth; and


In the case of an adoption or placement for adoption, on the date of the adoption or the placement for adoption.


In the case of a birth, an adoption or a placement for adoption of a child of an employee, the spouse of the employee may be enrolled as a dependent pursuant to this section if the spouse is otherwise eligible for coverage under the group health plan.

Source: Section 689B.540 — Manner and period for enrollment of dependent of covered employee; period of special enrollment., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-689B.­html#NRS689BSec540.

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