NRS 689B.100
Payment of benefits.


Except as provided in subsection 2, all benefits under any blanket health policy or contract must be payable to the person insured, or to the designated beneficiary or beneficiaries of the person insured, or to the estate of the person insured, except that if the person insured is a minor or otherwise not competent to give a valid release, these benefits may be made payable to the parent or guardian of the person insured or to another person actually supporting the person insured.


The policy may provide that all or a portion of any indemnities provided by any such policy on account of hospital, nursing, medical or surgical services, home health care or supportive services:


May, at the option of the insurer and unless the insured requests otherwise in writing not later than the time of filing proofs of such loss; or


Must, upon the written request of the insured,
Ê be paid directly to the hospital or person rendering those services. The policy may not require that the service be rendered by a particular hospital or person. Payment so made discharges the obligation of the insurer with respect to the amount of insurance so paid.


If the insured assigns his or her benefits pursuant to this section but the insurer after receiving a copy of the assignment pays the benefits to the insured, the insurer shall also pay the benefits to the assignee as soon as the insurer receives the notice of the incorrect payment.

Source: Section 689B.100 — Payment of benefits., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-689B.­html#NRS689BSec100.

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