NRS 689.155


It is unlawful for any person to receive, hold, control or manage money or proceeds received or derived from the sale of, or from a contract to sell, any personal property, merchandise, funeral supplies or services of any description not already existing, available, deliverable and suitable for use in, or for the performance of, any service before the final disposition of the remains of any deceased person, whether such payments are made in lump sum or on an installment basis, before the demise of the person purchasing them or the person for whose use and benefit they are purchased, unless the provisions of NRS 689.150 to 689.375, inclusive, are complied with.


The provisions of subsection 1 do not apply to a bona fide prepaid agreement whereby a licensed mortuary or funeral home is to furnish funeral services to a person who has a medically diagnosed terminal illness and which agreement is entered into and fully performed by the mortuary or funeral home on a date which is within 60 days of the date medically predicted for the demise of the person.

Source: Section 689.155 — Applicability., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-689.­html#NRS689Sec155.

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Feb. 5, 2021

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