NRS 683A.301
Use of true or fictitious name by applicant for license or licensee.


An applicant for a license as a producer of insurance or a licensee who desires to use a name other than his or her true name as shown on the license shall submit a request for approval of the name and file with the Commissioner a certified copy of the certificate or any renewal certificate filed pursuant to chapter 602 of NRS. An incorporated applicant or licensee shall file with the Commissioner a document showing the corporation’s true name and all fictitious names under which it conducts or intends to conduct business. A licensee shall file promptly with the Commissioner a written notice of any change in or discontinuance of the use of a fictitious name.


The Commissioner may disapprove in writing the use of a true name, other than the true name of a natural person who is the applicant or licensee, or a fictitious name of any applicant or licensee, on any of the following grounds:


The name interferes with or is deceptively similar to a name already filed and in use by another licensee.


Use of the name may mislead the public in any respect.


The name states or implies that the applicant or licensee is an insurer, motor club or hospital service plan or is entitled to engage in activities related to insurance not permitted under the license applied for or held.


The name states or implies that the licensee is an underwriter, but:


A natural person licensed as a producer of insurance for life insurance may describe himself or herself as an underwriter or “chartered life underwriter” if entitled to do so;


A natural person licensed for property and casualty insurance may use the designation “chartered property and casualty underwriter” if entitled thereto; and


A trade association for producers of insurance may use a name containing the word “underwriter.”


The licensee submits a request to use more than one fictitious name at a single business location.


A licensee shall not use a name after written notice from the Commissioner indicates that its use violates the provisions of this section. If the Commissioner determines that the use is justified by mitigating circumstances, the Commissioner may permit, in writing, the use of the name to continue for a specified reasonable period upon conditions imposed by the Commissioner for the protection of the public consistent with this section.


Paragraphs (a), (c) and (d) of subsection 2 do not apply to the true name of an organization which on July 1, 1965, held under that name a type of license similar to those governed by this chapter, or to a fictitious name used on July 1, 1965, by a natural person or organization holding such a license, if the fictitious name was filed with the Commissioner on or before July 1, 1965.

Source: Section 683A.301 — Use of true or fictitious name by applicant for license or licensee., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-683A.­html#NRS683ASec301.

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