Nevada Insurance

Sec. § 683A.1855
Restrictions relating to sales and coverage; rates to be filed with Commissioner.


A licensee may offer, sell, solicit or negotiate personal property storage insurance only in connection with a rental agreement only as individual coverage for an individual occupant or group coverage for one or more occupants of the facility. A licensee is only authorized to provide to such occupants personal property storage insurance coverage for the following:


The loss of or damage to personal property stored in a storage space at the facility where the loss or damage occurs or while the personal property is in transit to or from the facility during the time period covered by the rental agreement of the occupant.


Other loss directly related to the rental agreement of the occupant.


Notwithstanding the provisions of any law to the contrary, the rates for any personal property storage insurance sold by a licensee to one or more occupants of the facility of the licensee must be filed with the Commissioner pursuant to chapter 686B of NRS.

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