NRS 679B.282
Report of examination: Hearing

  • filing
  • distribution.


If requested by the person examined, within the period allowed under subsection 1 of NRS 679B.280, or if ordered pursuant to subsection 2 of that section, the Commissioner shall hold a hearing relative to the report and shall not file the report in the Division for public inspection until after the hearing and the order of the Commissioner thereon.


If no hearing has been requested or ordered, the examination report, with such modifications, if any, thereof as the Commissioner deems proper, must be filed in the Division for public inspection within 30 days after the expiration of the period allowed for review by the person examined. Otherwise the report must be so filed within 30 days after final hearing thereon, except that the Commissioner may withhold from public inspection any report for so long as the Commissioner deems such withholding to be necessary for the protection of the person examined against unwarranted injury or to be in the public interest.


The Commissioner shall forward to the person examined a copy of the examination report as filed, together with any recommendations or statements relating thereto which the Commissioner deems proper.


If the report concerns the examination of a domestic insurer, a copy of the report, or a summary thereof approved by the Commissioner must be presented by the insurer’s chief executive officer to the insurer’s board of directors or similar governing body at its next regular board meeting. A copy of the report must also be furnished by the secretary of the insurer, if incorporated, or by the attorney-in-fact if a reciprocal insurer, within 30 days after receipt of the report in final form by the insurer, to each member of the insurer’s board of directors or board of governors, if a reciprocal insurer, and the certificate of the secretary or attorney-in-fact that a copy of the examination report has been so furnished shall be deemed to constitute knowledge of the contents of the report by each such member.

Source: Section 679B.282 — Report of examination: Hearing; filing; distribution., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-679B.­html#NRS679BSec282.

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