Nevada Regulation of Cannabis

Sec. § 678B.290
Cannabis independent testing laboratories.


The Board shall establish standards for and certify one or more cannabis independent testing laboratories to:


Test cannabis for adult use and adult-use cannabis products that are to be sold in this State;


Test cannabis for medical use and medical cannabis products that are to be sold in this State; and


In addition to the testing described in paragraph (a) or (b), test commodities or products containing hemp, as defined in NRS 557.160, or cannabidiol which are intended for human or animal consumption and sold by a cannabis establishment.


Such a cannabis independent testing laboratory must be able to:


Determine accurately, with respect to cannabis or cannabis products that are sold or will be sold at cannabis sales facilities in this State:


The concentration therein of THC and cannabidiol.


The presence and identification of microbes, molds and fungus.


The composition of the tested material.


The presence of chemicals in the tested material, including, without limitation, pesticides, heavy metals, herbicides or growth regulators.


Demonstrate the validity and accuracy of the methods used by the cannabis independent testing laboratory to test cannabis and cannabis products.


To obtain a license to operate a cannabis independent testing laboratory, an applicant must:


Apply successfully as required pursuant to NRS 678B.210 or 678B.250, as applicable.


Pay the fees required pursuant to NRS 678B.390.


Agree to become accredited pursuant to standard ISO/IEC 17025 of the International Organization for Standardization within 1 year after licensure.

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Feb. 5, 2021