NRS 677.180
Investigation and examination of applicant.

Upon the filing of an application, the Commissioner shall make or cause to be made a careful investigation and examination relative to the following:


Character, reputation and financial standing of the organizers or incorporators.


The need for a thrift company or an additional thrift company, as the case may be, in the community where the proposed licensee is to be located, giving particular consideration to the adequacy of existing thrift company services and the need for additional services of this kind in the community.


The ability of the community to support the proposed licensee, giving consideration to:


The competition offered by existing licensees;


Whether a thrift company has previously operated in the community; and


The opportunities for profitable employment of the licensee’s money as indicated by the average demand for credit, the number of potential investors, the volume of transactions where the services of a thrift company would be appropriate, and the business and industries of the community with particular regard to their stability, diversification and size.


The character, banking, industrial loan, finance or thrift company or other experience and business qualifications of the proposed officers and managers of the licensee.


The character, financial responsibility, business experience and standing of the proposed stockholders and directors.


Any other facts and circumstances bearing on the proposed licensee as in the opinion of the Commissioner may be relevant.

Source: Section 677.180 — Investigation and examination of applicant., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-677.­html#NRS677Sec180.

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