NRS 675.365
Fees and charges.

In addition to the interest allowed pursuant to NRS 675.363, a licensee may, pursuant to the agreement for a loan for an indefinite term, receive from the borrower or add to the unpaid balance in that borrower’s account:


Any fees imposed on the licensee pursuant to this chapter;


Any charge for insurance under NRS 675.300;


A charge not exceeding 25 cents for each transaction in which a loan or advance is made pursuant to the agreement or an annual fee for the use of an open-end account in an amount not to exceed $20;


If the interest calculated for any billing cycle pursuant to NRS 675.363 is less than 50 cents:


For a billing cycle which is monthly or longer, a charge in an amount not exceeding 50 cents; or


For a billing cycle less than monthly, a charge in an amount equal to that portion of 50 cents which bears the same relation to 50 cents as the number of days in the billing cycle bear to 365 divided by 12;


For any check written by the borrower to the licensee which is returned, or any electronic transfer of money that fails, because of insufficient funds, a charge of $10 or in an amount equal to the charges imposed on the licensee because of his or her reliance on that check or electronic transfer of money, whichever amount is greater; and


Any charge assessed the licensee by a third party for the printing and distribution of any checks, drafts or other instruments to be used by the borrower in obtaining advances pursuant to the agreement.

Source: Section 675.365 — Fees and charges., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-675.­html#NRS675Sec365.

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