NRS 669.080
Applicability of chapter.


This chapter does not apply to a person who:


Does business under the laws of this State, the United States or another state relating to banks, savings banks, savings and loan associations or thrift companies, but if the trust company business conducted in this State is not subject to supervision by a regulatory authority of another jurisdiction, the person must be licensed pursuant to this chapter before engaging in such business in this State;


Is appointed as a fiduciary pursuant to NRS 662.245;


Is acting in the performance of his or her duties as an attorney at law;


Acts as a trustee under a deed of trust;


Acts as a registered agent for a domestic or foreign corporation, limited-liability company, limited partnership or limited-liability partnership;


Acts as a trustee of a trust holding real property for the primary purpose of facilitating any transaction with respect to real estate if he or she is not regularly engaged in the business of acting as a trustee for such trusts;


Engages in the business of a collection agency pursuant to chapter 649 of NRS;


Engages in the business of an escrow agency, escrow agent or escrow officer pursuant to the provisions of chapter 645A or 692A of NRS;


Acts as a trustee of a trust created for charitable or nonprofit purposes if he or she is not regularly engaged in the business of acting as trustee for such trusts;


Receives money or other property as a real estate broker licensed under chapter 645 of NRS on behalf of a principal;


Engages in transactions as a broker-dealer or sales representative pursuant to chapter 90 of NRS;


Acts as a fiduciary under a court trust;


Does business as an insurer authorized to issue policies of life insurance and annuities or endowment contracts in this State and is subject to regulation and control of the Commissioner of Insurance;


Acts as a fiduciary as an individual;


Acts as a family trust company, unless the family trust company is licensed under this chapter. A family trust company which is not licensed under the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed not to be engaged in trust company business for the purposes of this chapter; or


Except as otherwise provided in chapter 669A of NRS, is a family trust company, as defined in NRS 669A.080.


A bank, savings bank, savings and loan association or thrift company claiming an exemption from this chapter pursuant to paragraph (a) of subsection 1 must notify the Commissioner of Financial Institutions of its intention to engage in the business of a trust company in this State and present proof satisfactory to the Commissioner of Financial Institutions that its fiduciary activities in this State will be subject to regulation by another jurisdiction.

Source: Section 669.080 — Applicability of chapter., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-669.­html#NRS669Sec080.

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