NRS 665.133
Disclosure of reports and other information obtained from depository institutions

  • use of information.


The records and information described in NRS 665.130 may be disclosed to:


An agency of the Federal Government or of another state which regulates the financial institution which is the subject of the records or information;


The Director of the Department of Business and Industry for the Director’s confidential use;


The State Board of Finance for its confidential use, if the report or other information is necessary for the State Board of Finance to perform its duties under chapters 657 to 671, inclusive, of NRS;


The Department of Taxation for its use in carrying out the provisions of chapters 363A and 363C of NRS;


An entity which insures or guarantees deposits;


A public officer authorized to investigate criminal charges in connection with the affairs of the depository institution;


A person preparing a proposal for merging with or acquiring an institution or holding company, but only after notice of the disclosure has been given to the institution or holding company;


Any person to whom the subject of the report has authorized the disclosure;


Any other person if the Commissioner determines, after notice and opportunity for hearing, that disclosure is in the public interest and outweighs any potential harm to the depository institution and its stockholders, members, depositors and creditors; and


Any court in a proceeding initiated by the Commissioner concerning the financial institution.


All the reports made available pursuant to this section remain the property of the Division of Financial Institutions, and no person, agency or authority to whom the reports are made available, or any officer, director or employee thereof, may disclose any of the reports or any information contained therein, except in published statistical material that does not disclose the affairs of any natural person or corporation.

Source: Section 665.133 — Disclosure of reports and other information obtained from depository institutions; use of information., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-665.­html#NRS665Sec133.

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Jun. 24, 2021

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