NRS 663.065
Deposits and safe-deposit boxes of minors.


When any deposit is made in a bank or credit union by a minor, the bank or credit union may pay to such depositor such sums as may be due him or her, and the receipt of such minor to such bank or credit union is valid.


A bank or credit union may operate a deposit account in the name of a minor or in the name of two or more persons one or more of whom are minors with the same effect upon its liability as if such minors were of full age.


A bank or credit union may lease a safe-deposit box to, and in connection therewith deal with, a minor with the same effect as if leasing to and dealing with a person of full legal capacity.


An institution may rent a safe-deposit box or other receptacle for safe deposit of property to, and receive property for safe deposit from, a married minor and spouse, whether adult or minor, jointly.


This section does not affect the law governing transactions with minors in cases outside the scope of this section.

Source: Section 663.065 — Deposits and safe-deposit boxes of minors., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-663.­html#NRS663Sec065.

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