Nevada Banks and Related Organizations
Sec. § 658.055
Deputy commissioners; other employees; independent audits and examinations; assessments; Account for Auditing Financial Institutions.


The Commissioner may appoint deputy commissioners of financial institutions, examiners, assistants, clerks, stenographers and other employees necessary to assist the Commissioner in the performance of the Commissioners duties pursuant to this title, title 56 of NRS or any other law. These employees shall perform such duties as are assigned to them by the Commissioner.


The Commissioner shall employ a certified public accountant to review and conduct independent audits and examinations of financial institutions. The Commissioner shall levy an assessment upon each licensed financial institution to cover all of the costs related to the employment of the certified public accountant and the performance of the audits and examinations.


Assessments collected by the Commissioner pursuant to subsection 2 must be deposited in the State Treasury for credit to the Account for Auditing Financial Institutions, which is hereby created in the State General Fund. Money in the Account may be used by the Commissioner or for any purpose authorized by the Legislature. The Commissioner may advance money from the Account, for the purposes specified in subsection 2.
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