NRS 657A.330
Required disclosures.


Before providing any financial product or service to a consumer, a participant shall disclose to the consumer:


The name and contact information of the participant;


The registration number applicable to the product or service, as issued by the Director pursuant to NRS 657A.430;


The fact that the product or service is generally exempt from any provisions of this title, chapter 645A, 645B, 645F or 645G of NRS or any regulation adopted pursuant thereto, except as otherwise required by the Director pursuant to NRS 657A.430 or 657A.620;


If applicable, the fact that the participant is not the holder of a license or other authorization in this State to provide any product or service outside the scope of the Program;


The fact that the participant has been approved to provide the product or service pursuant to this chapter, but that the product or service is not endorsed or recommended by the Director or any governmental agency;


The fact that the product or service is provided as part of a test and may be discontinued at or before the end of the test, with the date on which the test is expected to end; and


The fact that the consumer may submit a complaint to the Director relating to the product or service, with the telephone number and Internet address of the Internet website maintained by the Director pursuant to NRS 657A.600.


The Director may condition approval of an application to participate in the Program on, or require at any time thereafter, the disclosure by a participant of information relating to a product or service in addition to the disclosures required by subsection 1. The Director shall give written notice to the participant of any additional disclosures required pursuant to this subsection.


The disclosures required by subsections 1 and 2, as applicable, must be clear and conspicuous and must be provided in English and Spanish. If a product or service is provided through an Internet website or mobile application, the consumer must acknowledge receipt of the disclosures before the completion of any transaction.

Source: Section 657A.330 — Required disclosures., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-657A.­html#NRS657ASec330.

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