Nevada Professions, Occupations and Businesses

Sec. § 646.020
Record of transactions required to be maintained by pawnbroker; certificate of right to pledge or sell property; inspection of record and goods.


Every pawnbroker doing business in any incorporated city or unincorporated town in this State shall maintain in his or her place of business a book or other permanent record in which must be legibly written in the English language, at the time of each loan or purchase a record thereof containing:


The date and time of the transaction.


The name or other identification of the person or employee conducting the transaction.


The name, age, street and house number, the serial number of one piece of positive identification and a general description of the complexion, color of hair and facial appearance of the person with whom the transaction is had. In lieu of recording the serial number of a piece of positive identification, the record may contain an indication that the pawnbroker knows the person with whom the transaction is had.


A description of the property received in pledge. In the case of watches, the description must contain the name of the maker and the number of the works or the case. In the case of jewelry, all letters and marks inscribed thereon must be included in the description.


The amount loaned.


The number of any pawn ticket issued therefor.


The person with whom a transaction is had shall, at the time of the transaction, certify in writing that he or she has the legal right to pledge or sell the property.


The record and all goods received must at all times during the ordinary hours of business be open to the inspection of the prosecuting attorney or of any peace officer.

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