NRS 640.050
Powers and duties

  • regulations.


The Board shall:


Enforce the provisions of this chapter and any regulations adopted pursuant thereto;


Evaluate the qualifications and determine the eligibility of an applicant for a license as a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant and, upon payment of the applicable fee, issue the appropriate license to a qualified applicant;


Investigate any complaint filed with the Board against a licensee; and


Unless the Board determines that extenuating circumstances exist, forward to the appropriate law enforcement agency any substantiated information submitted to the Board concerning a person who practices as a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant without a license.


The Board may adopt reasonable regulations to carry this chapter into effect, including, but not limited to, regulations concerning the:


Issuance and display of licenses.


Supervision of physical therapist assistants and physical therapist technicians.


The Board shall adopt regulations establishing:


The qualifications a physical therapist must obtain before he or she is authorized to perform dry needling, which must include, without limitation, the successful completion of not less than 150 hours of didactic education and training in dry needling approved by the Board. Such hours may include didactic education and training completed as part of a graduate-level program of study.


Procedures concerning the handling of needles used to perform dry needling, including, without limitation, procedures for the disposal of a needle after a single use.


Procedures to ensure that a physical therapist does not engage in needle retention.


The Board shall prepare and maintain a record of its proceedings, including, without limitation, any disciplinary proceedings.


The Board shall maintain a list of licensed physical therapists authorized to practice physical therapy and physical therapist assistants licensed to assist in the practice of physical therapy in this State.


The Board may:


Maintain offices in as many localities in the State as it finds necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter.


Employ attorneys, investigators and other professional consultants and clerical personnel necessary to the discharge of its duties.


Adopt a seal of which a court may take judicial notice.


Any member or agent of the Board may enter any premises in this State where a person who holds a license issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter practices physical therapy or as a physical therapist assistant and inspect the premises to determine whether a violation of any provision of this chapter or any regulation adopted pursuant thereto has occurred, including, without limitation, an inspection to determine whether any person at the premises is practicing physical therapy or as a physical therapist assistant without the appropriate license issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.


Any voting member of the Board may administer an oath to a person testifying in a matter that relates to the duties of the Board.

Source: Section 640.050 — Powers and duties; regulations., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-640.­html#NRS640Sec050.

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