NRS 639.575
Information regarding other wholesalers.

A person who is licensed to engage in wholesale distribution pursuant to this chapter shall maintain the following information, updated annually, concerning each wholesaler from whom the licensee purchases a prescription drug or to whom the licensee sells a prescription drug:


A list that identifies each state in which the wholesaler is domiciled and each state into which the wholesaler ships prescription drugs.


Copies of each state and federal regulatory license and registration held by the wholesaler, including, without limitation, the numbers accompanying each license and registration.


Copies of formation documents, business licenses and registrations and other documents related to the company of the wholesaler and its operations.


Copies of the wholesaler’s most recent site inspection report by state or federal agencies.


If the licensee receives a prescription drug from the wholesaler, a copy of the wholesaler’s product liability insurance policy that includes the licensee as an additional insured for at least $1,000,000.


A list that includes the name and address of:


If the wholesaler is a partnership, limited-liability partnership or limited-liability corporation, the partners or shareholders, as applicable.


If the wholesaler is a private corporation, the officers, directors and shareholders.


If the wholesaler is a public corporation, the officers and directors.


Evidence of due diligence in accordance with NRS 639.580.


A copy of the wholesaler’s policy or procedure for internal operations, including, without limitation, the procedures related to handling counterfeit, misbranded or adulterated prescription drugs.


A listing of all manufacturers with whom the wholesaler claims status as an authorized distributor of record and the applicable account numbers.

Source: Section 639.575 — Information regarding other wholesalers., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-639.­html#NRS639Sec575.

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