NRS 639.2327
Maintenance of stocks of drugs by certain facilities.

A facility for intermediate care or facility for skilled nursing which is licensed as such by the Division of Public and Behavioral Health of the Department of Health and Human Services and is registered with the Board pursuant to this chapter may maintain a stock of drugs for emergency treatment of inpatients, subject to the following conditions:


The Board shall by regulation determine the specific drugs and the quantities thereof which may be maintained.


The emergency stock of drugs must be maintained at all times in a solid, sealed container and the seal must remain intact except when the drugs are needed for emergency treatment of a patient in the facility. The sealed container must be stored at all times in a locked compartment on the premises of the facility.


All drugs delivered to a facility must be signed for by the nurse or other person in charge. An inventory of the stock of drugs must be appended to the sealed container. Immediately after the drugs are needed, the physician or registered nurse who breaks the seal shall enter on the inventory sheet the following information:


The date and time the sealed container is opened;


The name of the patient for whom the drugs are to be used;


The name of the patient’s physician or the physician who directs the administration of the drugs, if different;


An itemization of the drugs removed; and


The signature of the person who opened the sealed container.


When the drugs have been removed and the information required by subsection 3 has been entered on the inventory, the physician or registered nurse shall immediately replace the container in a locked compartment and shall notify the pharmaceutical consultant, as soon as it is practical to do so, that the container has been opened.


The sealed container and its contents at all times remain the responsibility of the pharmaceutical consultant. Upon being notified that the sealed container has been opened, or on the next business day if notification is not received during business hours, but in no event more than 48 hours following receipt of the notification, the pharmaceutical consultant shall:


Examine the inventory sheet;


Replace the drugs removed;


Secure a written prescription for the drugs replaced, if one is required by law;


Enter the name and quantity of the drugs so replaced on the inventory sheet, together with the date and time of replacement;


Reseal the container; and


Sign the inventory sheet.


No person other than a licensed physician or registered nurse may open the container or remove any drugs from the container.


The Board, its agents and inspectors may at all times have access to the premises of the facility to determine compliance with this section.

Source: Section 639.2327 — Maintenance of stocks of drugs by certain facilities., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-639.­html#NRS639Sec2327.

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