NRS 637.200
Unlawful acts.

The following acts constitute misdemeanors, unless a greater penalty is provided pursuant to NRS 200.830 or 200.840:


The insertion of a false or misleading statement in any advertising in connection with the business of ophthalmic dispensing.


Making use of any advertising statement of a character tending to indicate to the public the superiority of a particular system or type of eyesight examination or treatment.


Furnishing or advertising the furnishing of the services of a refractionist, optometrist, physician or surgeon.


Changing the prescription of a lens without an order from a person licensed to issue such a prescription.


Filling a prescription for a contact lens in violation of the expiration date or number of refills specified by the prescription.


Violating any provision of this chapter.

Source: Section 637.200 — Unlawful acts., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-637.­html#NRS637Sec200.

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