Nevada Professions, Occupations and Businesses

Sec. § 636.2893
Requirements for issuance of certificate: Regulations.

The Board shall adopt regulations that prescribe the requirements for the issuance of a certificate to treat persons diagnosed with glaucoma pursuant to NRS 636.2895. The requirements must include, without limitation:


A license to practice optometry in this State;


The successful completion of the “Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease Examination” administered by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry or an equivalent examination approved by the Board;


Proof that each optometrist who applies for a certificate has treated at least 15 persons who were:


Diagnosed with glaucoma by an ophthalmologist licensed in this State; and


Treated by the optometrist, in consultation with that ophthalmologist, for at least 12 consecutive months; and


A certificate to administer and prescribe pharmaceutical agents issued pursuant to NRS 636.288.

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