NRS 636.145
Unlawful practice of optometry

  • investigation and hearing
  • penalties
  • reporting requirements of Board.


A person shall not engage in the practice of optometry in this State unless:


The person has obtained a license pursuant to the provisions of this chapter; and


Except for the year in which such license was issued, the person holds a current renewal card for the license.


The Board shall conduct an investigation pursuant to subsection 3 if the Board receives a complaint which sets forth any reason to believe that a person has engaged in the practice of optometry in this State without a license issued pursuant to this chapter.


In addition to any other penalty prescribed by law, if the Board, after conducting an investigation and hearing in accordance with chapters 233B, 622 and 622A of NRS, determines that a person has committed any act described in subsection 1, the Board may:


Issue and serve on the person an order to cease and desist from the practice of optometry until the person obtains a license from the Board.


Issue a citation to the person.


Impose any combination of the penalties set forth in paragraphs (a) and (b).


Unless the Board determines that extenuating circumstances exist, the Board shall forward to the appropriate law enforcement agency any substantiated information submitted to the Board concerning a person who practices or offers to practice optometry without a license issued pursuant to this chapter.


Each instance of unlicensed activity constitutes a separate offense for which a separate citation may be issued.

Source: Section 636.145 — Unlawful practice of optometry; investigation and hearing; penalties; reporting requirements of Board., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-636.­html#NRS636Sec145.

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