Nevada Professions, Occupations and Businesses

Sec. § 632.100
Records and publications of Board.


The Board shall make and keep a complete record of all its proceedings, including, without limitation:


A file of all applications for licenses and certificates under this chapter, together with the action of the Board upon each application;


A register of all nurses licensed and all nursing assistants certified in this State; and


Documentation of any disciplinary action taken by the Board against a licensee or holder of a certificate.


The Board shall maintain in its main office a public docket or other record in which it shall record, from time to time as made, the rulings or decisions upon all complaints filed with it, and all investigations instituted by it in the first instance, upon or in connection with which any hearing has been had, or in which the licensee or holder of a certificate charged has made no defense.


At least semiannually, the Board shall publish a list of the names of all applicants whose applications were denied within the immediately preceding year and all licensees and holders of certificates who were the subject of disciplinary action within the immediately preceding year, together with such other information relative to the enforcement of the provisions of this chapter as it may deem of interest to the public.

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