NRS 630A.155

The Board shall:


Regulate the practice of homeopathic medicine in this State and any activities that are within the scope of such practice, to protect the public health and safety and the general welfare of the people of this State.


Determine the qualifications of, and examine, applicants for licensure or certification pursuant to this chapter, and specify by regulation the methods to be used to check the background of such applicants.


License or certify those applicants it finds to be qualified.


Investigate and, if required, hear and decide in a manner consistent with the provisions of chapter 622A of NRS all complaints made against any homeopathic physician, advanced practitioner of homeopathy, homeopathic assistant or any agent or employee of any of them, or any facility where the primary practice is homeopathic medicine. If a complaint concerns a practice which is within the jurisdiction of another licensing board or any other possible violation of state law, the Board shall refer the complaint to the other licensing board.


Unless the Board determines that extenuating circumstances exist, forward to the appropriate law enforcement agency any substantiated information submitted to the Board concerning a person who practices or offers to practice homeopathic medicine without the appropriate license or certificate issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.
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Feb. 5, 2021

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