NRS 629.031
“Provider of health care” defined.

Except as otherwise provided by a specific statute:


“Provider of health care” means:


A physician licensed pursuant to chapter 630, 630A or 633 of NRS;


A physician assistant;


A dentist;


A licensed nurse;


A person who holds a license as an attendant or who is certified as an emergency medical technician, advanced emergency medical technician or paramedic pursuant to chapter 450B of NRS;


A dispensing optician;


An optometrist;


A speech-language pathologist;


An audiologist;


A practitioner of respiratory care;


A licensed physical therapist;


An occupational therapist;


A podiatric physician;


A licensed psychologist;


A licensed marriage and family therapist;


A licensed clinical professional counselor;


A music therapist;


A chiropractor;


An athletic trainer;


A perfusionist;


A doctor of Oriental medicine in any form;


A medical laboratory director or technician;


A pharmacist;


A licensed dietitian;


An associate in social work, a social worker, an independent social worker or a clinical social worker licensed pursuant to chapter 641B of NRS;


An alcohol and drug counselor or a problem gambling counselor who is certified pursuant to chapter 641C of NRS;


An alcohol and drug counselor or a clinical alcohol and drug counselor who is licensed pursuant to chapter 641C of NRS; or


A medical facility as the employer of any person specified in this subsection.


For the purposes of NRS 629.400 to 629.490, inclusive, the term includes:


A person who holds a license or certificate issued pursuant to chapter 631 of NRS; and


A person who holds a current license or certificate to practice his or her respective discipline pursuant to the applicable provisions of law of another state or territory of the United States.
Reporting of Certain Injuries and Diagnoses

Source: Section 629.031 — “Provider of health care” defined., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-629.­html#NRS629Sec031.

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