NRS 625.340
Record of survey: Filing

  • disclosures.

After making a survey in conformity with the practice of land surveying, a professional land surveyor shall, within 90 days after the establishment of points or lines, file with the county recorder in the county in which the survey was made a record of survey relating to land boundaries and property lines, which discloses:


The result of an adjustment of a boundary line that causes a transfer of land between two abutting parcels but does not result in the creation of any additional parcels.


The boundary limits and configuration of any new parcel created in an industrial or commercial subdivision for which a final map has been filed previously pursuant to the provisions of chapter 278 of NRS.


Material evidence which, in whole or in part, does not appear on any map or record previously recorded or filed in the office of the municipal engineer, county recorder, county clerk, county surveyor, or in the Bureau of Land Management of the Department of the Interior.


A material discrepancy with a map or record described in subsection 3.


Evidence that, by reasonable analysis, might result in alternate positions of points or lines.


The establishment of one or more lines not shown on any map or record described in subsection 3, the positions of which are not ascertained from an inspection of the record or map without trigonometric calculations.

Source: Section 625.340 — Record of survey: Filing; disclosures., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-625.­html#NRS625Sec340.

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